I have been a client of Dr. Davis since he started practicing in Greenville. I greatly appreciate the trusting relationship that has been established over these years. I have two dogs that love coming to his office. The time that he takes with his patients is a rarity these days. The time that he takes in talking with me is greatly appreciated. As an owner who has been faced with expensive Orthopaedic surgery for one dog, I was very impressed that Dr. Davis took the time to consult with an academic specialist prior to referring us to a speciality surgeon. I have found him to be cost conscious and conservative in his approach to treatment. I trust him implicitly with the care of my animals. He also has a wonderful staff who have taken excellent care of us.

- Kim P

Dr. Davis Really Cares

About a year ago, our pet, Kelsie was diagnosed with lyme disease by a local vet. We began a course of medication to treat it, and Kelsie became very ill. She began displaying symptoms that looked like advanced lyme; she yelped with movement because of sore joints, and stayed up all night panting and whining as if she was in considerable pain. We took her to the emergency vet clinic and back to the vet several times, and were directed to leave her on the medication to treat her symptoms. I called Dr. Davis in desperation to get a second opinion. Even without seeing Kelsie, he did some research and consulted with other vets in the area about what was going on with Kelsie. He got back to me within several hours and explained that sometimes in animals and in humans, there can be a rare reaction to lyme medications that actually mimic the signs of lyme. We immediately took Kelsie of the medications and she was better within hours! Dr. Davis is now Kelsie's full time vet, and I'm thankful that he truly cares about animals - even when they aren't his patient!

 - Tracy B

We have used both doctors and find both knowledgeable and loving. We feel fortunate to know our animals always get the best care there. They both take the time to talk and make us feel secure when we leave the office with our animals. As for the cost of services - I believe you can't put a price on good quality care and peace of mind! Patti, Ray, Mollt, Hank, Bozeman, Kittl Littler and Winston


- Patti R.